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Hurrah for Bookstores and Libraries!

What do you think about the idea that libraries and bookstores are becoming obsolete?

This week I witnessed first hand a bit of what the world would lose if we didn’t have them. I was out and about doing story … Read More


Storytime Rocks!

One of the perks of being a children’s author is having the opportunity to read to kids.

I just got back from the Austin/San Antonio area where I did story times at two wonderful independent bookstores. First I visited The Read More


Summer Fun

This has been a busy summer so far. My husband and I have visited  a friend in Austin several times who is recovering from a serious case of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. I’m taking ticks a lot more seriously now. … Read More


Cowboys and Aliens!


Yesterday I had two great school visits!

At Laura Ingalls Wilder Elementary in Alvin, Texas I was greeted with a big Yippee-ki-yay! Librarian Sheri Howard was a great host!

Two hundred students arrived— half as cowboys and half as aliens! … Read More


Out Of This World Visit to Sheldon Academy

Last week I visited Sheldon Early Childhood Learning Academy in Houston. The home of the Jaguars is a jewel of a school! Four hundred kids aged 3 to 6 have a campus all their own. The school’s wonderfully creative librarian … Read More


Welcome to my blog!

I’m delighted with my brand new website and blog! Saying goodbye to my old site designed by my daughter is a bit sad, but it needed updating. She’s busy with two businesses now, as a massage therapist and photographer, so … Read More