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Bears, the Keepers of Dreams

In southeastern Texas where I live, it gets cold now and then, but rarely freezes. Right now I’m spending the holidays in New Mexico where it gets colder. I see snow through the window. My breath makes smoke clouds when … Read More


Katmai Bear Cam

I was excited to find that during bear season every year there is a live bear cam in Katmai National Park and Preserve where you can watch bears going about their business. The cam is active from mid-Spring through early … Read More


A Bear’s Year Across the Curriculum

Recently I skyped with first graders at Tallwood Elementary in Virginia Beach. The visit was arranged by Literary Specialist Karen Kaas. It was a Q & A session and the students were well prepared and asked excellent questions. They used … Read More


A BEAR’S YEAR Story Time Kit

Story time is in full swing!

I’m having a great time sharing A BEAR’S YEAR story time kit.


Bear cubs being creatively colored and put to sleep in paper bag dens.


Using the kit, children’s cubs can hunt for seasons … Read More


Happy Birthday, A BEAR’S YEAR!





A BEAR’S YEAR launch day is finally here — Yay!

(Imagine fireworks, a parade, hundreds of balloons released)

I’ve written stories about bears that live in houses, wear clothes, decorate Christmas trees, and trick or treat. Now … Read More


PreOrder Event!


The launch of A BEAR’S YEAR is just around the corner on October 27!

Up until then Blue Willow Bookshop is hosting a PreOrder event.

If you are looking for a gift for a little one, or you yourself are … Read More


Congratulations Gerry Turley!




I just got the wonderful news that Gerry Turley will have art from A BEAR’S YEAR exhibited in the annual The Original Art Exhibit of the Society of Illustrators for illustrators of “the best children’s books of the … Read More


It’s Here!

No more waiting!

I arrived home from vacation and a real bonafide copy of A BEAR’S YEAR was waiting for me. I can hold it, and I can read my story accompanied by Gerry Turley’s wonderful illustrations. Gerry and the … Read More





Yes, I’m waiting.

On October 27 my new book A Bear’s Year will launch.

The story started as a spark, a thought. Do bears dream?  That spark turned into a poem about a mother bear and her cubs in … Read More


Tend Your Writing Garden

Spring is here at last!

The gloom is gone, the sun is out. In my garden, plants are waking. It’s time to water, feed, trim, weed, and plant.



If you’re anything like me, your writing garden  needs some extra-special … Read More