Yes, I’m waiting.

On October 27 my new book A Bear’s Year will launch.

The story started as a spark, a thought. Do bears dream?  That spark turned into a poem about a mother bear and her cubs in their winter den, then turned into a longer story that follows the bears through an entire year. I was thrilled when this story sold to Lee Wade at Schwartz & Wade.  These bears were going to be dealt with in style!

Talented UK artist Gerry Turley created the lovely whimsical illustrations that show the bear’s journey. I feel so lucky that this story found him. Once on a trip to Alaska, I saw a mother grizzly and her cubs (not too close!) fishing by a river, and Gerry’s illustrations took me back to that memorable experience.

After the fun of writing— and rewriting— and more rewriting (thanks to Lee’s sharp eye and sensibility) I finally saw Gerry’s sketches. I loved them and couldn’t wait to see the final art. But I had no choice except to wait. When the publisher mailed me an F&G (the printed pages, not yet bound into a cover), I danced around my house, so happy  to see that completed art was even more beautiful than I’d imagined.

But the waiting isn’t over yet. The stages of publication require time and so many people to nurture the process along. Soon, however, the waiting will be over and I’ll hold this book in my hands. I’m sure there will be more dancing, much more dancing.

Imagine! From a spark to a book! If that’s not magic, I don’t know what is.

So while I wait for the production to be complete, I’m busy thinking about sharing this book.  I’m planning a super story time and already have a stack of bear paw tattoos for kids to enjoy. A major perk of being an author is the fun of sharing your book with kids, and showing them that a spark within them can turn into something tangible and wonderful whatever their dream might be.

So this waiting is a busy time.

And of course, there’s always more writing and waiting to be done.

Update: The reviews are coming in! http://kathyduval.com/books/a-bears-year/


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