Tend Your Writing Garden

Spring is here at last!

The gloom is gone, the sun is out. In my garden, plants are waking. It’s time to water, feed, trim, weed, and plant.



If you’re anything like me, your writing garden  needs some extra-special loving care, as well.

What better way to give your writing life a boost than inspiration from a conference or workshop to inspire new ideas, revise completed work, and to decide what belongs in your garden and what doesn’t. Do you need to weed to give space in your mind-garden for new ideas to take root and sprout?


IMG_1073Yes! I need to weed!

Fortunately for those of us here in Houston there are some great opportunities for tending our writing garden this month.

On April 18, the annual HOUSTON SCBWI CONFERENCE will give writers all kinds of nourishment for their work. Opportunities for learning, smoozing, and fun abound!

On April 25, I’m offering my workshop, MAKE IT SHINE! a revision workshop for picture book writers at Writespace, a great new writing venue in Houston. Maybe you have a new manuscript you want to polish up for an agent or editor, or maybe you have one in that drawer that you need to re-pot. 🙂  I’d love to see your work in progress progressing!

IMG_1069Plant new stuff!


IMG_1070 Make it bloom!!

Let’s gather some tools, find some really rich soil and interesting seeds and plant!


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