Hurrah for Bookstores and Libraries!

What do you think about the idea that libraries and bookstores are becoming obsolete?

This week I witnessed first hand a bit of what the world would lose if we didn’t have them. I was out and about doing story times at the Hillendahl Library and Katy Budget Books in Houston, and meeting some great kids, parents, grandparents, librarians, and booksellers. As I read TAKE ME TO YOUR BBQ, kids offered opinions about what was coming down on Willie’s farm, why it was coming, and whether a cowboy boot would taste good with bbq sauce. Their enthusiasm was contagious. I got downright giddy hearing kids holler yippie ki yo and sing the TAKE ME TO YOUR BBQ song. Where else on earth is a thing like that going to happen?

These kids come together every week to hear stories, sing, dance, do art, and play musical instruments together. They are learning to love books in places where they can share their thoughts about stories with other kids, as well as choose books they want to read that they can see, touch, and smell. What better groundwork  for learning about books?

These are experiences you can’t buy with one click, so support your libraries and bookstores so that we won’t lose the community we experience there.

Check out these beautiful 16 Libraries to See Before You Die:

Here are some of the kids I saw this week that now realize the importance of having aluminum foil hats:

Last Import - 4

Last Import - 3It’s never to soon to start loving books! (Even though you might not want to wear hats yet)

Last Import - 5 In spite of all our hat  making, one sneaky alien did manage to crash the party!



  1. Hi Kathy,
    Thank you so much for spending time with us at Katy Budget Books. My husband and I are book lovers. Of course he is a teacher and I am a writer, so that makes perfect sense. What a treat that we got to meet the author and hear such an imaginative story! The sneaky little alien (Eliana) has drawn many little aliens since then. We are hoping a few of them may come to life.

    -The Soden Family

    • Hi Sodden Family! I’m so happy you enjoyed the story time at Katy Budget Books. I’m sure Eliana’s aliens are fantastic!

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