TAKE ME TO YOUR BBQ releases today!

Take Me To Your BBQ

Today I’m overflowing with gratitude to everyone who worked on this beautiful book!

I’m so thankful to free lance editor  Tamson Weston who in her former life as an editor at Disney Hyperion saw the potential for this story. It was sad to see her leave Disney, but was fortunate to get another fantastic editor, Rotem Moscovich. She guided the reins with an expert hand and made the project soar. It has been a joy to work with both of them.

Adam McCauley was the perfect illustrator for TAKE ME TO YOUR BBQ. I’ve admired his work forever, and I literally jumped up and down when I found out he’d agreed to take on this project, along with book designer Cynthia Wigginton. The alchemy of turning words on a page into a fully realized world is truly magical. The world Adam created and the package Cynthia wrapped it in is stellar. Here’s Adam’s story about his process of illustrating this book.

Of course, the first person to say “I love it!” was Erin Murphy. Three magical words to hear from your agent. Thank you, Erin, for sending this crazy little story out into the universe so the magic could continue.

I’m also grateful to fellow writers Marty Graham, Vonna Carter, Russell Sanders, Varsha Bajaj, and Linda Jackson the first readers to enter Willy’s world (and help me tweak it to perfection!)

Of course so many more people at Disney worked on this story. It takes a village, just like with most things. I want to thank them all.

Today our book is being released to the world.

Truly magical!













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