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Writing a picture book about little green men has proven to be an amazingly educational experience. During the time since TAKE ME TO YOUR BBQ sold to its now imminent release, I’ve had lots of time to educate myself about UFOs and the beings that may be flying them. My info comes through the internet, so I’m sure my sources are excellent. I’ve got a google alert  for UFO sightings, and everyday I get the latest scoop on who’s seen what and where. UFOs are sighted in red states and blue states, cold places and hot places, in cities and in boonies all over the world. Many of these reports come with iphone videos. You should take a look.

My investigations have alerted me to the necessity of having an aluminum foil hat to keep myself safe from mental influence by other beings. Mostly people wear them to keep the very sort of little green men that are in my book from messing with their minds. Others wear them to avoid being influenced by ideas from others of our own species, such as “the guy who’s looking at me through the TV.”

For those of you who think this is all just paranoid craziness, read this scholarly discussion of the tin foil hat.

Inspired by the many wonderful tin foil hats I’ve seen on the web, I finally have completed one for myself.

Just in time. My launch party is on March 23.

No telling who might be trying to tune in.





  1. Your hat is FAB! The little green men invasion hits so soon–March 23! I better get started on my hat right away.

  2. Connie Rose

    I love your hat! Looking forward to the 23rd!

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