UFO’s in Roswell and South Texas!

This year my annual Christmas visit to Santa Fe was filled intrigue.

Snow! Tales of a UFO crash and recovery of alien bodies! A strange sighting in the early morning West Texas sky!

And after I got home, a news article in the Houston Chronicle about UFO sightings in South Texas!

Weird. Very weird!

On the road from Houston to Santa Fe, snow covered the ground from Wichita Falls on. Not such a big deal if you’re from Chicago, but if you’re from Houston, it’s a big deal.

This year I wanted to make a pilgrimage to the UFO Museum in Roswell – fitting, since my new children’s book TAKE ME TO YOUR BBQ (farmer+BBQ+UFO) is coming out on March 15.


For a couple of years since the book was bought by  Disney, I’ve had a google alert for UFO sightings. I’ve watched lots of UFO videos. Some looked like Chinese lanterns, a street light, or  a hubcap or paper plate thrown in the air. Usually somebody is screaming in the background – “What the heck is that?” – using somewhat saltier language. But every now and then, I saw a compelling video, done either by a budding sci-fi film maker – or who knows? Maybe someone who really saw something?

I’d been to the Museum before, but I wanted to take another look and visit the gift shop to get give aways for my book launch at the Blue Willow Bookshop in Houston on March 23.  So my husband and I left our cozy room at Suitable Digs in Santa Fe and headed out in the snow to Roswell.

After three hours we were close.



Finally we made it to the Museum.


The museum contains fascinating original national front page news articles and radio news reports verifying the crash of a flying saucer in Roswell in 1947. There are also the day after rebuttal stories which believers say is a huge cover-up. If you want to know more, go to their website for the full story and other videos of sightings.


Here is a painting in the Museum of what happened in Roswell in 1947 done by local high school students.

I was glad they kept these little men fenced in.

An recreation of an alien autopsy (Yes! They say bodies were recovered!)

This trip left me with a lot of questions. A bunch of people saw something in Roswell in 1947, obviously different from anything they’d seen before or since. If not a UFO, then what?

On the way back to Houston, we avoided West Texas due to a blizzard and made our way to one of our favorite B&Bs, the Hudspeth House in Canyon, Texas, where Georgia O’Keefe ate breakfast when she taught there. Leaving out before sunrise the next morning, I kept my eyes on the sky. This would be a perfect time and place to see a UFO. A huge ball of light floated in the sky, which my husband finally convinced me was Venus, and not a method of interplanetary transport.

But I kept my eye on it, just in case. For miles and miles, I kept glancing as the sun rose. Finally the spot turned gray and we were getting closer to it. Whatever I was looking at now was definitely not Venus. Finally the spot was to our left, and it morphed into a plane making a trail.

Now how could that be? A planet turns into a plane? Did I not keep my eye on the spot well enough? Did a plane fly into the sky without me seeing it?















  1. Laura Ruthven

    Great post! And love the alien street lamp. We’ll leave a light on for our out of this world guests.

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